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This event will be held thanks to

Schaffhausen Institute of Technology in partnership with Acronis provides Singapore Workshop participants with the unique offer - financial support of their Master studies in exchange for a three-year employment agreement. After graduation sponsored students can choose between pursuing a PhD degree at SIT in Switzerland, or an R&D position at Acronis (a leading technology company in cyber protection; the position may be in Singapore, Bulgaria, or the United States). This is an exciting opportunity to transfer cutting-edge technologies from the mind or the laboratory to the marketplace by working on development of new products.

The scholarship program covers full tuition, travel, housing, and a monthly stipend for up to 15 students preselected by SIT faculty and accepted to several master’s degree programs at the NUS School of Computing or Carnegie Mellon University. The program includes a summer internship in Switzerland. All nationalities are welcome to apply. To participate in the program student should send their CV and university transcript to with the topic: Discover Singapore 2019 by Moscow Workshops ICPC.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is one of the leading Russian universities in physics and technology. MIPT students are participating in all programming workshops and improve their results at ICPC competition thanks to the financial support of MIPT Endowment Fund.



Head of Programming Committee of
Discover Singapore 2019 Programming Workshop
“Dear participants, I am delighted to welcome you at the Discover Singapore 2019 Programming Workshop by Moscow Workshops ICPC and the National University of Singapore. This workshop is designed not only to provide you with a thorough educational program including contest practice, lectures, and problem-solving sessions but also it gives students opportunities to travel, make new friends from other countries and start first professional relationships, forming the international IT-community. Our project helps young talents get a high-quality education and benefit from different schools and cultures while traveling around the world. I hope that during this training week you will take as much as possible from this practice and will get back home with a wealth of knowledge and new outstanding and overwhelming experience.”

Oleg Khristenko

Chief Judge
Chief Editor
Co-Founder Programming Open Cup

Mikhail Tikhomirov

Head of Programming Committee of
Discover Singapore 2019
Programming Workshop
Coach of the ICPC Gold Medalist - MIPT
Team Member of the IOI Scientific Committee

Andrew Stankevich

Coach of 7 ICPC World Champions
Senior Coach Award in Phuket, Thailand, 2016
Professor at St Petersburg ITMO University

Ivan Smirnov

Google Code Jam Finalist
ICPC Gold and Silver medal

Maxim Akhmedov

Senior Software Engineer at Yandex
ACM ICPC 2016 Finalist
Codeforces Coordinator in 2014-2015


Bertrand Meyer

Provost at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology
Professor of Software Engineering at
Innopolis University

Serguei Belousov

Acronis founder and CEO

Jürgen Brücker

Schaffhausen Institute of Technology
SIT Vise President



Head of Programming Committee of
Discover Singapore 2019 Programming Workshop

Sergey Darevskiy

head of technical team.

Olga Solodiannikova

Off-site workshops project manager
of Moscow Workshops ICPC

Maria Milshina

Deputy director
for Moscow Workshops ICPC

Tan Sun Teck

Associate Professor
in the School of Computing, NUS
Executive Director of IOI 2020